Community Benefit Scheme

So that the Brewster community benefits directly and indirectly from this wind farm project, we plan to introduce a Community Benefit Scheme from the start of generation that will include the following*:

  • Neighbours living in houses within two kilometres (2 km) of a wind turbine will receive an annual payment. If you qualify, we will notify you during our round of house visits.
  • Neighbours living in houses within four kilometres (4 km) of a wind turbine will be offered a rooftop solar system to the value of $5,000.
  • A Community Fund will be established which will receive $25,500 per annum from the wind farm for community projects and
  • A further $6000 per annum will be provided to support the Trawalla Primary School.

In addition to these benefits which will be paid directly to the local community, the Brewster Wind Farm is expected to pay over $100,000 each year in rates to the Pyrenees Shire Council.

*Final details and procedures for payments will be provided to neighbours and listed on this website after the project receives Development Approval.